I choose not to call the work that I do ‘branding’.
Branding is what is done to cattle, traditionally with a hot iron.
It suggests control.
It suggests power over.

What if that’s part of the old paradigm?

What if we choose not to brand things anymore?
We get to choose how we use language.
What if we illuminate our work in the world?

When I talk about illuminating or an illumination concept, I’m talking about what is currently known as branding, with a logo design at its core

Here is an idea of some of the packages I often get asked for:


Trusting The Firefly Creatrix’s prowess to connect with all that you share with me to channel
a single powerful expression for your illumination. It may seem a little risky as there are no
options to choose from AND YET, at the same time, it is really honouring the sense of
artistry and deep knowing that what we create together will encompass everything. The
price includes two phases of development to ensure you receive a design that you love, and
file creation for the applications you need.
from £555

Examples of expressions that were created this way:


The initial presentation will include a range of visual expressions (normally 3-4) that encapsulate all of your criteria using different techniques and approaches. This provides you with a full spectrum of options and allows you to consider which you connect with best - as it is you and your people that will be championing and celebrating the brand when it is born it is really important that you feel drawn to it - and communicates most clearly to the people you want to attract. Again, the price includes two rounds of development and file creation for all applications.
from £999

Examples of expressions that were created this way:


All that is covered above in the multiple illumination bracket
+ a simple brand guideline outlining ways to use the logo, fonts and colours - really helpful if
you’re like to have a team or other contractors working on it.
+ 3 pieces of collateral which you can specify. E.g. Invoice, leaflet, 9 insta posts, social media
cover images, business cards, poster
from £2222

Dignity without Danger is an example of a multiple application project:


You can commission a bespoke illustration for your existing project or illumination,
or enquire about the rights to use one of my existing ones within your work.
See The Moon Goddesses for an idea of my hand-drawn style
Or Dignity without Danger for one of my digital styles.

Bespoke Illustration:

From £222

Use of existing:

From £77




I work with Wild Sky Sisters in Canada to offer an Astrological Illumination for your Offering prior to the work starting. This entails a gorgeous reading from both sisters, working from the date that your offering began in its current form, to receive astrological insights about why your business was birthed, how you can nourish it, and particular times to push forward, and others to hold back and how / why it might be asking to be morphed into its new expression at this particular time. I have used this for both Kumari’s Adventure and The Firefly Creatrix and it has been incredibly validating and supportive to help me structure development, without being prescriptive.

You would receive the reading in video form to keep before the design process begins.

This service costs £150



The prices above are a guideline that I have created so that I know I feel valued for the time, expertise and creative sparkle that I put into developing these works of art.


Nothing is static, and if you have a low budget project, charity or other commission please do still get in touch and have a conversation with me. Sometimes I do have the time and financial capacity to compromise, especially in the realm of Giving Back to causes that I feel strongly about.


 keep in touch 

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