I’m passionate about capturing your story within the visual expression that we are creating together; a logo, film, illustration, or something else entirely. Whether it is your story or a project story… there’s always a story.

I’m passionate about the people that I work with feeling seen through the process and in what we create together, their unique and magical journey or purpose reflected to them.
It is a co-creation and can be a pretty deep process.

To find out more about how the process might be unique to you. And I invite you to read on below to find the framework that guides me…


I choose not to call what I do ‘branding’.
Branding is what is done to cattle, traditionally with a hot iron.
It suggests control.
It suggests power over.

For me, that’s part of the old paradigm.

What if we choose not to brand things anymore?
We get to choose how we use language.
What if we illuminate our work in the world?

When I talk about illuminating, a visual expression, or an illumination concept, I’m talking about what is currently known as branding, often with a logo design at its core
1. Getting to know each other

We'll start with a call or an in-person meeting, sometimes two, where I invite you to share the story that is wanting to be seen, heard and represented, as well as other practical insights into the project/business/offering. Either vocally or through written words I will reflect back to you what I hear that you are wanting to create and share.

2. Strategy and framework

This conversation and what we discover from it becomes the groundwork for the strategy and guiding force behind this piece of creative work. I will provide a simple document that becomes our North Star and something to refer back to as we move into the the creative process.

3. Creative concept(s)

When we're both clear and agreed on that context, I begin on creating a presentation of visual magic concepts that I feel encompass what you share (number of concepts depend on what the medium is and our agreement). These will be shared with you digitally to digest, alongside an audio explanation to take you through the journey.
You’re invited to take as much time as you need with the work, oftentimes people are very clear about what they are drawn to, but it can take time to process.


Sophie and some of the Sattvic Soul Team

4. Development

When there is a clear YES for one of the concepts, we can move forward with two revision or development rounds (to hone and craft what I have channeled to make sure it truly represents you. This means that you can ask me to explore and change aspects to experiment with whether that helps it to feel even more aligned.

5. File creation and sharing

To close out this initial process, we ensure that you have your finalised illuminating celebration in all the different file formats you might need for different applications of your logo, illustration or other visual expression, and I’ll be there to celebrate with you as it is released in the world!


Sophie and Kumari's Adventure with her Moon Cycle before it was published.

6. Ongoing potential

I will be on hand for helping you with further applications, illustrations, visual communications and creating supporting material for the logo (this is a separate service).

It is a beautiful ritualistic process and a journey we go on together.




I work with Wild Sky Sisters in Canada to offer an Astrological Illumination for your Offering prior to the work starting. This entails a gorgeous reading from both sisters, working from the date that your offering began in its current form, to receive astrological insights about why your business was birthed, how you can nourish it, and particular times to push forward, and others to hold back and how / why it might be asking to be morphed into its new expression at this particular time. I have used this for both Kumari’s Adventure and The Firefly Creatrix and it has been incredibly validating and supportive to help me structure development, without being prescriptive.

You would receive the reading in video form to keep before the design process begins.

This service costs £150

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